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    1. Reliable, Professional, promotes, Win-win Suntay Pharma
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      Welcome to Suntay

      Welcome to Suntay

      Established in 1996,Suntay Pharma co,.Ltd., who has been devoting itself to distributing medicine of the highest quality to the society and working hard to realize healthy society and human welfare , is an integrated share-holding firm with business scopes in international trade, pharmaceuticals agent, pharmaceuticals distribution., and now it is getting international standard and more and more famous. Suntay won national GSP(Good supply practice) certification in 1994 and gets a good reputation in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

      Nowadays Suntay distributes products mainly in Guangdong province,but its market reaches whole China . we mainly distributes Chinese drug materials, Chinese cut crude drug, original chemical materials, chemical praeparatum, antibiotic, Chinese formulated products, biochemical drug, diagnosis ex juvantibus biochemical praeparatum and medical apparatus and instrument. And now, we are the main agent of more than 40 companies which are mainly from China mainland, Taiwan .

      Always be reliable,professional and active, Always work hard to create value by combining the needs of society with an uncompromising drive for excellence.

        Latest news  
      17th Sep 2006
      Expopharm 2006,21 to 24 in Munich
      25th Aug 2006
      our company website has been established and is open to all now.
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